What is the 「360° Integrated Skincare Solutions」?

With an experienced and well-resourced professional team, we can integrate the needs of raw materials, dosage forms, formulations, efficacy, production, quality control and regulations to provide safe, stable and effective customized products, assisting the brand team to focus on the back-end of marketing and channel development with the least waste of time and effort.

In the current cosmetic market, there are few such strong teams that can satisfy all the needs in one stop service. Hence, the "360° Integrated Skincare Solutions" is an unique innovation by ImDerma Lab., a professional ISO 22716 certified cosmetic manufacturer with five major laboratories to satisfy 360° various customer demands.

「360° Integrated Skincare Solutions」Advantage

  • Vertical Integration
    and Market Research

  • Save Communication Time
    with a Single Contact

  • Project Planning
    and Cost management

  • Rich Resources
    for Private Label

  • Scientific Evaluation
    for Product Performance

「360° Integrated Skincare Solutions」Process




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