360° Integrated Skincare Solutions

Customized Ingredient Development

In-depth research and years of practical experience
To assist brands in developing exclusive and high active ingredient

  • INCI application.
  • Patent application.
  • COSMOS application.
  • HALAL application.
  • Advanced Extraction Technology Platform
    for optimal and efficient extraction.
  • Establish standard specifications to
    ensure the stability of ingredient.
  • Ensure the efficacy and safety of
    ingredient along with
    Efficacy&Safety Validation Platform.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Efficacy Evaluation

Scientific validation through our BSL2 laboratories and collaboration with medical institutions for clinical trials

  • Anti-Acne Evaluation
  • Anti-Oxidant Evaluation
  • Collagen Synthesis Activity
  • Whitening Efficacy Evaluation
  • Skin Moisture Evaluation
  • Anti-inflammatory Evaluation
  • Skin Cellular Repair Effectiveness
  • Anti-aging Activity Evaluation
    (Anti-photoaging/ Anti-wrinkle)
  • The Content of Polysaccharide/
    Total Polyphenol / Flavonoids Assay
  • Cutaneous Absorption/ Penetration Property Test
  • Skin Barrier Function Test

Safety Assessment

Established alternative animal test, international OECD Test Guidelines, to evaluate the safety of ingredient.
Cooperated with International clinical laboratories to conduct human clinical tests.

  • Patch Test
  • Ames Test
  • Phototoxicity Test
  • Photosensitivity Test
  • Cell Viability Assay
  • Repeat Insult Patch Test, RIPT
  • In Vitro Skin Irritation Test(OECD 439)
  • In Vitro Eye Irritation Test (OECD 492)
  • In Chemico Skin Sensitisation Test
    (OECD 442C)

Microbiology Testing

Established BSL2 Microbiology Lab
Assist customers in solving a variety of microbiological problems

  • Antimicrobial Test
    (five main types of pathogens/P.acnes/M. furfur)
  • Microbiological Test
    (A. niger/ S. aureus/ E. coli/ P. aeruginosa/ C.albicans)
  • Preservative Development conform to ISO 11930
    (MIC Test/ Zone of inhibition/
    Preservative Efficacy Test/
    Microbial Test)
  • Skin Probiotics Development

INCI Name Application

Facilitate the global distribution of unique ingredients and increase consumer awareness

  • Organize data sheets and
    technical information for
    processing the applications.
  • Customized ingredient development
    including INCI applications.

Compliance Service

Regulate to ensure the highest level of consumer safety.
Assist customers become a trusted and valued cosmetic brand.

  • EU PIF service
  • TW PIF service
  • Imported Cosmetics registration
    and filing in China
  • ASEAN Cosmetics Registration
  • TFDA Cosmetic Compliance Service(PIF filing/Registration of

Private Label

Develop regulatory-compliant, cost-effective and high-performance products.

  • Formulation Type:Liquid/Emulsion/
  • Category:Skin Care/Body Care/
    Hair or Scalp Care
  • Customized product proposals based on
    brand needs and market trends
  • Special Treatment Product Development
    and Design
    1. After laser treatment products
    2. EU Cosmos verified products
    3. Preservative-free products
    4. Gentle products for sensitive skin
    5. Hair and scalp care
    6. Feminine care and anti-dandruff




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