Raw Material Development Laboratory

(1) Natural ingredients laboratory: we discover rare plant extracts and various skin-friendly raw materials from nature, and use our extraction technology platform to extract in an optimal way with high efficiency. We also analyzes the active substances through the biological activity platform to obtain the good efficacy. Our safety verification platform to ensure the safety and effectiveness of raw materials. We focus on the development of raw materials with a rigorous attitude and explore more possibilities of nature!

(2) Cutting-edge Molecular Modification and Synthesis Laboratory: the lab has excellent chemical researchers, with experience and expertise in molecular esterification, glycation, fluorescent grafting and even controlling isomerization, maintaining high-efficiency and good molecular stability to fully ensure the activity of the ingredients and the best mass production efficiency.

Core Technology

Low temperature molecular sieve green extraction technology

Based on the premise of green chemistry, using the theory and experience of physical parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, solvent distribution coefficient, etc., selecting suitable molecular sieves for selective separation and purification, to extract and retain the highest active ingredient content for customers.

Safety Verification Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with professional cosmetic safety assessors and advanced equipment. Through toxicological expertise, percutaneous penetration analysis, alternative animal tests (skin irritation & eyeglass irritation, skin sensitization, phototoxicity, etc.) , human clinical testing, etc., we are able to evaluate the safety of raw materials to the formulation, We are also qualified to establish product safety information files to ensure compliance with national laws and regulations without safety concerns when applied to humans.

Core Technology

Alternative animal methods for skin toxicology assessment technology

In the era when animal testing is banned globally, ImDerma Laboratory speedly introduced alternative animal testing methods for skin toxicological assessment, such as skin/eye irritation, sensitization, epidermal barrier function assessment, phototoxicity testing, etc., all in line with international OECD Guidelines or standards.

Biomedical Function Testing Laboratory

The lab is with advanced 3D Skin and a variety of skin cell and immune cell lines, the efficacy path of raw materials and products and the toxicity/utility concentration dose relationship are detected, and multi-target strategies are used to develop effective formula combinations. The lab has the ability to analyze various cell proliferation and toxicicity doses, to analyze pro-inflammatory factors (TNF-alpha, IL-1, IL-6, etc.), inflammatory factors (COX 2, PGE2, etc.), metalloproteases, sensitization & allergy reactions, etc.. In addition, ImDerma Laboratories has also joined the Industry-Academy Alliance of the National Tsing-Hua University College of Life Sciences, and cooperated with domestic and foreign human clinical laboratories, medical centers, and academic institutions to conduct human clinical tests.

Core Technology

3D skin tissue and cell model efficacy evaluation technology

The lab uses advanced 3D Skin and a variety of skin cells and immune cell lines to examine the efficacy path (Pathway) and the utility/concentration dose relationship for cosmetic raw materials and products. By using of the multi-target strategy and combining with the results of transdermal absorption evaluation, we screen out the most effective combination of ingredients and required dosage for customers.

Microbiology Laboratory

At present, there are Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger, Pityrosporum Sporumovale, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Salmonella, and anaerobic Musculus vulgaris cultured in this lab. The lab performs total bacterial counts, regulation must- not-detected bacteria, zone of inhibition, minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) analysis, as well as preservative efficacy testing that comply with EU ISO 11930 specifications, US USP, European Pharmacopoeia specifications, and reversionary mutagenicity testing to ensure raw materials and finished products are in line with national regulations and standards. The lab also has the ability to develop safe and highly effective natural preservative systems and anti-microbiological ingredients, and is committed to the research of a new generation of microbiome, providing customized microbial control and application services.

Core Technology

Microbial analysis and microbiome technology

The lab is a microbiological P2 laboratory that meets national and international standards. Equipped with microscopes, we can perform analysis and testing of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold and other domestic and international regulations, such as bacterial count, MIC test, antiseptic efficacy test, preservative effecacy and microbiome related ingredients and product development, etc.

Formulation Design and Development Laboratory

Accumulated more than tens of thousands of formula database and 20 years of formula preparation experience, in-depth study of commonly used raw materials and their synergistic effects, through dermatological parameter analysis, we can optimize the touch and effect of the formula. Furthermore, according to the target customer market attributes, season, preference, etc., we are able to develop the best formula that meets the needs of consumers.

Core Technology

Novel formulation and dosage form design/transdermal evaluation technology

The lab quickly follows up with the new knowledge of international manufacturers and medical journals, obtaining materials and raw materials, by carrying out the refinement and application of key technologies such as microemulsification, coating technology, phase rheology, 3D skin percutaneous absorption, we develop novelties for customers qualified products to feel touching. We also assist in obtaining cosmetic certification marks.




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