Based on dermal science and analytic science, we explore market needs and offer 360° Integrated Skincare Solutions from innovative ingredient development to effective product manufacture. To ensure product safety, stability and effectiveness, we provide various accurate analysis data and strict quality management through our 5 laboratories and ISO 22716 certified facilities.




Professional Team

With more than 20 years of experiences, ImDerma Lab has been able to promptly customize and develop truly safe and effective ingredients and products according to customer attributes through keen market insight.

Innovative Technology

The R&D team covers chemistry, biochemistry, cosmetics, pharmacy, microbiology, biomedical materials, biotechnology, medicine and other professional fields. We continuously develops and innovates in ingredient development and publishes the results in international journals. To obtained nearly 20 patents from the EU, US, Taiwan, China, and Japan.

Complete Service

Based on our rich experience in brand customer service, we established "360° Integrated Skincare Solution"- from raw materials, forms, formulation, regulatory compliance, patent application and other services, helping customer focus on brand promotion and channel development efficiently.

Rigorous Quality

Every product manufactured by ImDerma Lab is required to pass various tests such as efficacy, safety, stability. The factory is regularly inspected for bacteria, dust, and water quality in accordance with the international standard ISO 11930.

Rich Resources

Long-term academic exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign industry, government and academia to enhance industrial strength and obtain first-hand information. Cooperative units include the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, ITRI, Taiwan Beauty Valley, top universities in Taiwan and the US AMA laboratories.


ImDerma Laboratories headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan, as manufacturing center where mainly produce cosmetic raw materials and the formulation type of liquid, lotion, cream, oil for private label. The Yilan factory primarily produces green raw materials derived from natural resources.

  • 1. Biosafety level 2 laboratory
  • 2. Vacuum freezer dryer
  • 3. Food-grade spray drying equipment
  • 4. European top vacuum emulsifying mixer
  • 5. Class 100,000 cleanroom (ISO class 8 cleanroom)
  • 6. Food-grade green extraction and purification equipment
  • 7. Automatic filling machine
  • 8. Heating/Cooling circulators
  • 9. Automatic capping
  • 10. High-performance liquid chromatography
  • 11. Constant temperature constant humidity incubator
  • 12. Hydraulic lift type vacuum homogeneous emulsifier machine


Through cooperation with well-known brand customers, our products have been sold to more than 40 countries around the world. In order to respond to the demands of our customers more efficiently, we established offices in Asia, Europe, and America to connect with the world through a global network.

1. Hsinchu Headquarter (Taiwan)

2. Yilan Green Extraction Factory (Taiwan)

3. Taipei Office (Taiwan)

4. US Office: State of Washington

5. EU Office: Netherlands

6. China Office: Shanghai



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