360° Integrated Skincare Solutions

Customized Ingredient Development

Based on the core principle of 「Natural、Safe、Efficient」
Assisting customers in developing exclusive high concentration of active.

  • Biological Aactivity Platform (BAP)for qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • Apply for the assignment of an INCI name to a cosmetic ingredients.
  • Patent application service
  • COSMOS application service
  • Establish standard specification for the physical and chemical properties of the active substances
  • Along with Efficacy & Safety Verification Platform (ESVP) to ensure the efficacy and
    safety for raw materials.
  • HALAL application service
  • Cutting-Edge Extraction Technology (CEET)
    for optimal and efficient extraction.

Efficacy Evaluation

Providing scientific efficacy validation(in-vitro, ex-vivo, in-vivo)
through BSL 2 laboratories and collaboration with medical centers and academic institutions for clinical trials.

  • Anti-Acne Evaluation
  • Anti-Oxidant Evaluation
  • Collagen Synthesis Activity
  • Whitening Efficacy Evaluation
  • Skin Moisture Assessment
  • Anti-inflammatory Analysis
  • Skin Cellular Repair Effectiveness
  • Anti-aging Activity Assessment
    (Anti-photoaging/ Anti-wrinkle)
  • The Content of Polysaccharide/
    Total Polyphenol / Flavonoids Assay
  • Cutaneous Absorption/ Penetration Property Assessment
  • Skin Barrier Function Test

Safety Assessment

Established an animal alternative test platform follow OECD Test Guidelines accepted internationally as standard methods for chemical safety testing.
Collaborate with international accredited skin clinical laboratories for clinical trials.

  • Patch test
  • Ames Test
  • Phototoxicity Test
  • Photosensitivity test
  • Eye Irritation Test (OECD 492)
  • Repeat Insult Patch Test, RIPT
  • Cell Viability Assay
  • In Vitro Skin Irritation Test/ In Chemico Skin Sensitisation Test (OECD 439/442C)

Microbiology Testing

Spend tens of thousands of dollars on high-specification equipment
Assist customers in solving various microbiological problems conform to ISO 11930/ USP/ EP

  • Five Pathogens Test
    (E. coli / P.a. / S.a. / C.a. / A.b.)
  • Microbiological Test
    (E. coli / P.a. / S.a. / C.a. / A.b.)
  • Preservative
    (MIC Test/Pre-challenge Test/
    Antimicrobial Efficacy Test/
    Disk Diffusion Susceptibility Test)
  • Anti-microorganism Test
    (bacteria/Propionibacterium acnes/
    Malassezia furfur/fungi/yeasts)
  • Skin Probiotics Development

INCI Name Application

Assist to apply raw material for the assignment of an INCI name to a cosmetic ingredient.
Help in the global distribution of raw materials and increases consumer awareness.

  • Customer provide raw material and related document, ImDerma Lab. process the
    application procedure.
  • Customized raw materials developed and
    INCI name applied by ImDerma Lab.

Compliance Service

We have assisted our customers to market their products in more than 40 countries.
Familiarity with international regulations to help brands enter the world.

  • Create PIF file in Taiwan
  • Create PIF file in European Union
  • Imported Cosmetics registration
    and filing in China
  • ASEAN Cosmetics Registration
  • Taiwan TFDA Cosmetic Compliance Service (PIF filing/Registration of
    cosmetics containing drugs)

Private Label

Explore the market demand and discover the market opportunity.
Create high performance products that are compliant, cost effective and sensory tactile properties.

  • Formulation Type:Liquid/Emulsion/
  • Category:Skin Care/B0dy Care/
    Hair or Scalp Care
  • Customized product proposals based on
    brand needs and market trends
  • Special Treatment Product Development
    and Design
    1. After laser treatment products
    2. EU Cosmos verified products
    3. Preservative-free products
    4. Safe hypoallergenic care products
    5. Hair and scalp care
    6. Feminine care products
    7. Anti-dandruff products



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